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Welcome to the Alabama Doula Collective...

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The Alabama doula collective is a fast growing group of doulas who are working together to provide you with the most gentle, mother centered, and loving birth support services you will find in Alabama. We have a vision for Alabama that the wisdom of mothers is loved and respected. We are working together to bring you the most diverse set of birth attendants who understand the sacred bond between mother and baby. We believe in you and in your family and that the birth of your baby is a spiritual experience and not just a physical one. We go beyond standard doula care and understand that birth connects us all for a life time. We believe that families own their birth experiences and should have a voice in the care they receive. We believe a good birth experience will impact the mother, child, and family relationships for a life time. Most of all we believe in you. We believe you are intuitive and know your body and your baby better than anyone else.


Each doula within the collective practices autonomously. We believe that as each parent has the right to birth as they wish, just as that each doula has the right to work, certify, and practice as she sees fit. This means that the doulas here may come from different organizations but are working together for a common goal of better birth outcomes. You get to pick the doula and the philosophy that works for you. Our common belief is that doula work is traditional, and training is passed from woman to woman in the form of mentorship. We choose to certify to show our competencies but ultimately believe it is the loving families that we serve who certify us. Our community makes us who we are and without you we would not exist.


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