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A Tranquil Journey into Beautiful Birth Experiences

Birth Doula ......TO BE ANNOUNCED! I've Moved again! A Tranquil Journey Doula is experiencing a big move! Check me out again later to find out where! I no longer serve the central Alabama area, or any region of Alabama. Please contact Terri LaPoint (doula in Birmingham) or Naomi Voss of Montgomery, Alabama

Mother Theresa once said "Love begins at home, it is not how much we do....but how much love we put into that action." There is no greater gift of love than having a baby. Every baby is a new beginning, and whether this is your first baby or your third. I would love to be there to hold your hand and walk down this path with you. You can think of me as your big sister, who happens to know a lot about birth. I can help to comfort you, hold space for you and your baby and guide you through your baby's birth. I also know techniques to help to ease your discomfort during labor.

I am certified as a birth doula, and hold the CD (Birth Arts International) certification credential. Birth Arts has given me one of the most well rounded, and thorough educations on childbirth. I am skilled and knowledgeable in ways to help you during labor and most of all I believe in you. I will be there to support your choices. I am able to supply you with current references and you can ask my past clients how I helped them to achieve the birth that they desired.

There are many reasons to hire a doula. Women contact me for comfort, the tried and true labor techniques I use to help them to achieve natural births, and education to help them to make the right choices for themselves. I attend all births, natural, medicated, and c-section. If you are in Birmingham Alabama or the surrounding areas please contact me to find out if doula service is right for you. Below are doula facts to help you to learn more about doulas.


Studies have founds that hiring a doula reduces the time a mother spends in labor. Having a doula reduces the need for medical intervention (such as pitocin, forceps, or vacuum). It reduces the time spent in the hospital. Women who have doulas report higher breastfeeding rates and higher overall satisfaction with their birth experiences.

I am currently taking clients in Birmingham, Alabama, and also Sylacauga, Anniston, Alexander City, Auburn, and nearly all of central Alabama. Do you think you are too far away for me to serve? Chances are you aren't! Call me and we will talk how you can get the birth you desire.

-Trina D. Baggett

Birth Arts International Certified Doula and Matrona Certified DOula

Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) The Simkin Center sponsored by Evergreen Perinatal Education.

Aromatherapist in training (the East-West School)

Rebozo Certified (Sharon Muza, CD, Dona, New Moon Birth Services)

Child Birth Educator in training (Birth Arts International)

Past certified CAPPA postpartum doula

Reiki Certified




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